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Melange P3 REVO Golden Oak Wrapless by Predator (BUTT ONLY)


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Predator Limited Edition P3 REVO Golden Oak Wrapless by Predator (Butt Only)

A Sweet Blend of Elegance and Performance

Introducing the Predator P3 REVO Mélange. Featuring decadent Curly Maple wood with a single Leopard stripe, 30-piece construction, the Uni-Loc® Weight Cartridge systemSophisticated in design, unmatched in performance. Experience the luxury of top-shelf quality.


Features and Specifications:

  • Golden Oak Stained Curly Maple with single Matte Leopard Wood Stripe 
  • Matte Leopard Wood Collar and Butt Cap
  • Engraved Cat and Logo
  • P3 30-piece construction
  • Uni-Loc® Adjustable Weight Cartridge System (Uni-Loc® Weight Cartridge Kit Sold Separately)