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Kuro2-1 3-Cushion Cue (Butt Only)


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Kuro2-1 3-Cushion Cue (Butt Only)

by Molinari with Predator Technology

Second series of the popular Kuro line. Beautifully styled with turquoise Moroccan inlays and finished with C4+ technology.

This is C4+ in a nutshell: Four perfectly formed wedges fit snugly together, slipped into a sleeve of exotic wood, then reinforced with phenolic, one of the strongest materials on Earth. If you want equipment you can trust, C4+ is an innovation you can't ignore. You'll notice the solid, sturdy feel the second you pick it up and again as you make contact with the cue ball. You'll get pure, positive feedback on your shots. 

Features and Specifications:

  • White forearm with eight black Micarta points and turquoise Moroccan diamond inlays
  • C4+ butt construction, length 29" (740mm)
  • Uni-Loc® joint with Titanium coating Quick Release™ Joint
  • Screw-in bumper
  • Uni-Loc® Adjustable Weight Cartridge System (Uni-Loc® Weight Cartridge Kit sold separately)